NG Media


Our team of Indigenous and non Indigenous people work alongside each other to share stories across Australia and beyond. They are all part of the Pulse of the Yarnangu.

Az Hill

IT Manger

Su Gingles

General Manager

Indigo Woods

Radio Manager

Noeli Roberts


Stewart Nelson

Chairperson (Wati), Cultural Advisor

Daisy O’Byrne

Chairperson (Minyma)

Cynthia Burke

Board member, Radio Announcer, Camera Operator

Simon Butler

Radio Announcer

Marcia Mitchell

Board member, Radio Presenter, Blackstone Media Centre Supervisor

Brian Gordon

Board member, Radio Announcer, Camera Operator

Jasmine Lawson

Radio Announcer, Camera Operator

Roma Peterman

Cultural Advisor (Minyma), Board member, Radio announcer, Camera Operator

Karl Smith

Radio Announcer

Helmut Cooke

Radio Announcer

Matthew Lewis

Board member, Radio Announcer, Musician, Actor, Camera Operator

Hinerangi Tukere

Community Resource Centre Manager

Lemih Thompson

Musician, technical trainee

Nanta Brown

Board member, Musician

Trevor ‘Windy’ Sharpe


Winnie ‘Jnr’ Mitchell

Camera Assistant

Criselda Stevens

Media Centre Supervisor

Magdelene Cooke

Camera Operator

Sabine Rontji

Sound Technician/camera operator

Winnie Woods