NG Media


We are an Independent Yarnangu Corporation that employs over 35 Yarnangu workers and are looking to employ many more. We have a solid, talented and dedicated team of Producers, Coordinators, and Directors, from around Australia. NG Media’s non-Indigenous staff are here to share their skills and passion for media with the Yarnangu people. We have 14 Yarnangu members on our Board of Directors who take a keen interest in everything we produce and every project we embark on.

NG Media’s vision is to empower Yarnangu to create and share their own stories through multi media. 

Ng Media is where the 
gap between cultures 
is filled with stories
and shared across
the nation.

the minyma kutjara arts project

The Minyma Kutjara Arts Project is a new and exciting project initiated by the people and artists of Irrunytju.


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Detail from a painting by Roma Butler