NG Media

Media Training team in Blackstone this week / 09 Jul, 2014

This week NG Media's training team is working again in Blackstone.

This is the first visit by the training team since the recent Blacktone Festival and community members have been able to review photos and footage taken during the festival.  Some of the photos have been printed out and laminated and now adorn the walls of the media centre for all to enjoy.

Media training so far this week has focussed on browsing photos on a computer, copying to USB and printing & laminating, along with some email training.

Community Resource Centre Manager, Hinerangi Tukere, has also conducted a special training workshop for NG Media's Blackstone media workers.

The NG Media training team will be here in Blackstone till Friday then it's off on the road again next week when the team will be traveling to Mantamaru (Jameson).