NG Media

Media Training in Warakurna / 27 Mar, 2014

Solomon, our Media Trainer, has been in Warakurna all week and spent some time with students from the school, creating images with Photoshop.  One of the students he has been working with is Antonio.  This is what Antonio had to say about what he has been learning during the week:

"Hi my name is Antonio and I'm from Warakurna high school. I'm 13 years old. This week we have been making a poster for radio ngm. I have been learning how to use a camera and also computer.  I was taking photos of the landscape the hills and mountains above Warakurna  learning how to use the camera with focusing and zooming in and out and on the computer I've been learning photoshop."

Solomon will be regularly visiting Blackstone, Mantamaru and Warakurna communities in the coming months.  Look out for him and the NG Media vehicle around your community and come and join in.