NG Media

‘How To’ videos makes technology easier to understand / 28 Mar, 2013

The Irrunytju CRC is under the operation of NG Media and shares the same building and provides extended media services to the Ngaanyatjarra Lands.

“We currently have a contract with CRC trainer, Chris McCullagh who is going around our media centres on the Ngaanyatjarra Lands to work with the locals helping them make use of the facilities available there,” said CRC and NG Media administrator Heather Vanderwaal.

Chris is a former schoolteacher and professional trainer who has taught and worked in the Ngaanyatjarra Lands and he speaks Pitjantjatjara.

“Chris is extremely well qualified to work here and he has collaborated with Jameson CRC media centre manager Darcy Woods to make a short “how to” movie in Pitjantjatjara. The first movie walks viewers through net banking and in point form it explains how to use the Westpac Internet banking site. A narrator speaks in Pitjantjatjara and it’s simple and easy to follow,” Heather said.

The next movie on the agenda is another ‘how-to’ film about data transferral from desktops to portable devices.

“We aim for these films to be stored on hard drives at the media centres that we are rolling out across the Lands.  People can just go to a desk top icon and watch the films and refresh their skills. This is important if you haven’t used net banking for a month or two and have lost your confidence,” Heather said.

The need for a media project started when a couple of Elders wanted their stories and language to be recorded so they would not be lost. Through that came the development of a media area in Wingellina, firstly in space at the office and then through funding for a demountable Telecentre.  Now there is a state of the art media centre building which opened in October 2008.

“We record the Elder’s stories in language, with English translations. We have been busy filming indigenous stories and we are often invited to attend events such as training camps for youth leadership to film and create a DVD,” Heather said.

The main area of the CRC has a big screen and a server stocked with all of the films that NG Media has made. People can come and watch an assortment of content including photographic slide shows, bands, documentaries and archived films. It has desktop computers, internet access and the NG Media section has a recording and sound studio, editing suites, training rooms, offices and music area.

“People can look at old photographs from past events and print images out at the CRC,” Heather said.

Blackstone is about to get Wingella’s old demountable telecentre building as it’s own media centre.  It is to be renovated and fitted out with computers and have internet access.  It will also eventually have a radio transmission area that will be used to train presenters to transmit local radio shows.